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16 September 2019  |  Admin
Double Verification Banking Security (SCA)



There are some important changes which are being introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) on behalf of the EU. These changes will affect the way you pay for goods and services online.

15 August 2019  |  Admin
GBUK Donates to Charitible Plane Pull this year

We at Green Bear UK are happy to be supporting the Dorset Plane pull this year helping to raise money for various charities.........

2 Comments23 July 2019  |  Admin
United DJs Radio Station Eco intents

Green Bear UK has hooked up with one of the most Unique Radio stations on the internet, advertising on the station, hosted by the biggest collection of legendary DJ's on any one Radio station... What can they offer you.......

2 Comments22 July 2019  |  Admin
Another Franchise company taking on the Green Ethos

Green Bear Welcomes an Award Winning Housekeeping & Cleaning Services Franchise Bright & Beautiful.....

9 May 2019  |  Admin
New Customer Review

We at Green Bear has always allowed the products to do the talking because no amount of advertising will convince you if the product does not do the job you require...... this is a personal email about our products, to us from Denise when she recieved them for the first time.....

18 April 2019  |  Admin
Is this now the end of mini toiletries in hotels - at last
11 April 2019  |  Admin

With personal experience within the Green Bear UK family we felt that a lot more credit should be given to the staff on the frontline who have to deal directly with the patients that are, too all intents and purposes, hoping upon hope the Cancer trial will edge their survival odds.....

This is about our crew........

31 December 2018  |  Admin


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