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3 June 2024  |  Admin

.....An overview of what has been achieved by "QINETIQ" one of our clients at Green Bear UK, with other associated companies mentioned here.

Un-jammable Quantum Tech Takes Flight to Boost UK’s Resilience Against Hostile Actors

In a groundbreaking achievement, the UK has successfully completed commercial flight trials of advanced quantum-based navigation systems that are immune to jamming or spoofing by hostile actors. Although GPS jamming is currently rare and doesn't directly affect an aircraft’s flight path, it’s becoming less so of late, therefore, these new quantum-based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) systems could, over time, enhance the accuracy and resilience of navigation, complementing existing satellite systems. This would help ensure that the thousands of daily flights worldwide proceed safely and without disruption from any third party or terrorist activity.

Infleqtion, a quantum technology firm, collaborated with aerospace companies BAE Systems and QinetiQ to complete these trials at MoD Boscombe Down in Wiltshire. Science Minister Andrew Griffith was aboard the final test flight on Thursday, May 9. These tests mark the first time this cutting-edge technology has been tested on an aircraft in flight in the UK and the first such publicly acknowledged flights worldwide.

Led by Infleqtion and supported by industry and academic partners, the project has received nearly £8 million in UK government funding. This financial backing is part of the £2.5 billion National Quantum Strategy and the National Quantum Technologies Programme, which aim to cement the UK's position as a leading quantum-enabled economy. The technology tested during the flight will contribute to a Quantum Inertial Navigation System (Q-INS), which has the potential to revolutionize PNT (Positioning, Navigation, and Timing) by offering exceptional accuracy and resilience independent of traditional satellite navigation systems like GPS.

This test is part of a project funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), focusing specifically on developing quantum sensors to mitigate the UK's heavy reliance on GNSS/GPS forlocation, navigation, and timing data. This dependency poses a vulnerability because a single point of failure, such as jamming or spoofing GPS signals, could disrupt critical economic, defence, and strategic activities.

The development of un-jammable quantum navigation technology is a significant step towards enhancing the UK's resilience against potential threats. The quantum navigation system offers a robust alternative to traditional satellite-based navigation, providing a secure and reliable means of determining position and time. This innovation is essential for maintaining the integrity of vital infrastructure and ensuring the continued safety and efficiency of both military and civilian operations.

As geopolitical tensions escalate and the threat of GPS jamming increases, the importance of resilient navigation systems becomes more apparent. Quantum navigation technology not only addresses these challenges but also positions the UK at the forefront of quantum technology development. The successful trials at MoD Boscombe Down demonstrate the practical viability of quantum navigation systems and highlight their potential to transform navigation and timing technologies.

In conclusion, this innovation provides a robust, resilient alternative to traditional GPS navigation, enhancing the UK’s defence capabilities and securing critical infrastructure against potential threats. The collaboration between Infleqtion, BAE Systems, and QinetiQ, supported by substantial government investment, underscores the UK's commitment to leading in quantum technology in an increasingly uncertain world.