New Customer Review

9 May 2019  |  Admin

We would like to thank Denise for her personal review sent to us:

From: Denise
Sent: 17 March 2019 08:48
To: Green Bear UK
Subject: RE: Your Recent Purchase: GBPO5868

Hi Green Bear,
Well, so far I cannot fault the three items I purchased from you.
The paste has surpassed anything I have used in the past. I have used this on my kettle and toaster, on a stubborn stain in the shower, glass in my wood burner, oven and hob.

Multi surface cleaner, is amazing and it has left my basins and showers sparkling clean.

Floor cleaner, I was not too sure about this one as I live in the country and wellie boots and a wet dog are in and out of my kitchen. I have quarry tiles in the living room and kitchen and I have to wash the floor at least once a day. For the first time I had to change the water between the two rooms. I was really surprised how it lifted dirt which the other products I have been using had not.......YUK.
I am surprised how little I needed to use and I think it is well worth buying not only because it is eco , vegan friendly and not tested on animals. On top of that, I did not use gloves and I was pleasantly surprised how my hands had not dried out or stung.

I was so impressed with the products that I know three members of my family are checking you out.
Thank you for you speedy delivery. You are now my go to place to purchase all of my cleaning products.

Many thanks
Denise Paffett