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eco friendly tipsThe carbon footprint and what it all means

Everyone is beginning to realise that we can not just go on the way we are.... that's a no brainer with the amount of information that there is to hand these days. Green bear can make going green a little less fussy and with our simplistic approach just that bit easier. The good thing is, what is good for the planet is good for you too.

From saving energy, water or growing your own, it is just considering the environment in what ever you do, the feel good factor you get, well that's the bonus. So whether you are using less electricity by not leaving lights on or appliances on standby, this all helps the carbon foot print of the world, cutting the CO2 used by manufactures around the world.

By using Green bear natural products, you are reducing the need for factories to produce the chemicals that have been used in cleaning & beauty products since the 30's. prior to this chemical where hardly used. We not only produce chemical free product but concentrated versions to save you money as well.




eco tips


Some tips in everyday life:

Save energy
Cutting energy use in the home, business and factories is the best way to reduce your eco foot print. using energy more efficeintly.... well that's the no brainer part.

Save water
Use water wisely, for gardens use water barrels, collecting from the gutters. Once setup, no real hardship eh!

Recycle products made from biodegradable materials or just recyclable save our natural resources.

Healthy homes
reduce the amount of chemicals and toxins you use in the house by buying where possible, natural products, this will help eliminate allergies and make for a healthier home.



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carbon footprint tips
Your carbon footprint

If you wish to check out how you stand in the carbon foot print and more Eco green tips then go to:

Top Tip!
Flights under 300 miles (500km) generate approximately three times more CO2 per individual than travelling by train, so it would be a good idea to check out the rail alternatives before booking a flight to or within the country you're visiting. 

Check out - a great website recommended by Sheherazade Goldsmith who has written tips for the "Green Scene" in the You magazine from the Daily Mail.


A natural dandruff cure

Mix the juice of two lemons with a dash of warm oil and rub gently into the scalp. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse as usual. Lemon is rich in acids that gently and naturally remove the dead skin.


Suffer from insomnia?

A cup of freshly boiled water with a bay leaf can help you sleep. Bay leaves have a compound in them that will help aid your sleep.



bambooAbout Bamboo

Anyone who's ever planted bamboo, a member of the grass family, knows that it grows like…well, bamboo. There's no stopping it.

Bamboo fibre is made from the refined pulp of the bamboo plant. The plant thrives naturally, totally unassisted, without the use of any pesticides or fertilizer, is totally biodegradable, and is the fastest growing plant in the world, it can reach a height of 75 feet in as little as 45 days, making it a high-yield renewable resource. Growing to its maximum height in roughly three months, reaching maturity after only three or four years. Bamboo spreads rapidly across large areas, and because of this, is known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded landscapes. It regenerates naturally through an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year and can be harvested after 4 till 5 years.

Traditional hardwoods not only take 25-70 years to mature, but also require replanting. In addition, bamboo is 100% biodegradable, when growing it returns oxygen into the atmosphere and it can be grown without pesticides.

Bamboo takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent quantity of trees. Through photosynthesis, bamboo removes carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere thereby using carbon as an energy source and converting it into plant tissue which releases oxygen as a by-product, therefore, buying bamboo products you are being a great help for the carbon footprint of the world with no real effort.




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sleepyUmmmm...try this!!

Using a bed side fan, can help you sleep - say scientists at the John Hopkins sleep disorder centre in the US.

The found that the low drone (technically known as white noise) emitted from the fan, blocks out the noise of traffic, neighbours and also has a soothing effect, lulling the patients to sleep.

Basically, it levels out the noise so that you do not get any peaks or lows that will disturb your sleep pattern.

Wayne Rooney from Man United has been rumoured to put a hoover on when he needs a sleep during the day! Another celebrity, me! I have used the fan method for the past two years and it really it works... cool!




If you have any green eco friendly tips that you think would be useful for us to use, then go to our contact page and email us your ideas and tips. Once verified, we will put the details up on this page for every one to benefit.