natural bamboo baby towels

I recently bought a selection of products to try for my new cleaning business and I am very impressed, the whole range is excellent, in particular the multi surface cleaner and degreaser in particular. A must have.


I'm very pleased with my recent purchase - I bought the sleeve, T Bar holder 35cm, stainless steel wiper with blade and GB Pro natural pre-mixed multi-surface cleaner. I love it! I used to hate cleaning windows. Now, it's quick and easy


As I'm in cleaning business for 15 years I can say this is also one of the best products I've came across with. The limescale disappears in seconds


I could not get a toilet pan cleaned in my new house until I put this on and I was amazed. It looks like new again.


This is a brilliant cleaner!! This bottle of concentrate has lasted me about a year and I use it on kitchen surfaces, on the kid's mattresses, for cleaning my windows, and when I ran out of floor cleaner, the floor too! I am a Green Bear shopper for the rest of my life.


I have been using microfibre cloths for years...these cloths are ace. I’m a very happy chappy


This product is so good and easy to use that I bought a second one just to clean the garage door, and with the telescopic pole I can use it to clean all the PVC soffits, fascias and conservatory panels quickly


I have had a 14" GB Pro for many years, and still going strong. I decided after wasting lots of money on cheaper squeegees to buy these mainly for my shower screens. They make a real difference and would advise anyone to buy these.


We’re proud to supply these and many more clients

A pure & natural eco experience

Green Bear UK collectively with Groene Beer Netherlands established since 1993 and have taken the simplistic approach to supplying you with natural environmental friendly products that you can afford.

Why use chemical based products when our products will do a better job using natures own? Lots of people would like to go green but up to now it has not been made easy or cost effective.

With us it can be!