The Cancer Imunology Research Frontline

11 April 2019  |  Admin


James Bennet, Loannis Karydis, Simon Crabb - Front: Cristiana Goncalves, Carly Ringrose

The Team Back row: James Bennett, Loannis Karydis, Simon Crabb - Front: Cristiana Goncalves, Carly Ringrose


TCarly Ringrose & Cristiana Goncalves - Excellence in Cancer Research Awardshese are some of the pioneers of the Immunology trials at the Southampton Immunology Cancer Research Centre in and are doing fantastic things that will change peoples live by giving them life. The work is incredible and I’m happy and grateful to be apart of these trials. But, there is another side to this research and that is at the frontline who are as important and are the human connection in these trials. They are the ones that have to create the infrastructure of the trial, implementing all the requirements needed to make it a success.

This was my award winning team on my HARE-40 HPV vaccine Trial. Yes, they have been recognised by their peers for their input but the media probably don’t feel it’s glitzy enough but, I and all of us on the trials at ground level feel they should be at the forefront..

Cristiana Da Silva Andrade Goncalves & Carly Ringrose have been awarded “Excellence in Cancer Research” Award. Pictures are of the my special girls picking up their awards and of the rest of the team that together are an integral part of these trials and would not be as successful without these guys. They instil a confidence needed when going down this road and have become like an extended family.

There are more not shown who are on the frontline and all, without exception, have a passion that you cannot quantify. A special mention also is to my Oncologist Dr Emma King who has been instrumental in keeping me here with my family and with Emma, also Professor Christian Ottensmeier running the trial in hands on mode like no other Professor known…..

Dr Emma Kink - Oncologist



From myself and all others on the trials at Southampton Immunology Cancer Research Centre we owe you a debt of gratitude - I thank you!


Dr Emma King

Professor Christian Ottensmeier

Prof: Cristiasn Ottensmeier

Centre for Cancer Immunology at Southampton