New 15ml Argan Oil - More New Products

13 October 2016  |  Admin

FREE Ora Naturals 15ml Handy travel Rollerball ARGAN Oil

Well the offer is going well, so we have extended it for a bit longer.

We have heard everyone talking about the benfits of the Argan Oil, especially if you can get the Pure Organic version..... yes, beware, as always there are many versions out there but Ora's are certified Organic and Pure with all the sales benefiting the traditional Berber women in Southern Morocco, Ora have chosen to work with an Organisation of Cooperatives that actively follow fair trading principles and work to improve the everyday lives of these women and the communities from which our Argan Oil is produced.

These Cooperatives offer jobs to approximately 400 women, many of whom are poor, widowed or divorced. The women are able to work full and part time depending on their circumstances and are paid accordingly, with the profits from the Argan Oil sale going back into the community through initiatives of training and elimination of illiteracy.

We have added the convenient 15ml (Retail; £12.50) to our range for those that wish to experience the benefits of Argan Oil - enjoy.....