A trimmendous review by Seven Magazine, Sunday Mail, Cyprus!

10 October 2008  |  Admin

 The quote from the article in the magazine:-

Detoxing foot patches are the latest craze in the UK, I discovered the other day. But here’s the thing: it’s not just a craze! It’s meant to be one of the greatest and best ways of detoxifying. Using foot patches on a regular basis offers an inexpensive and convenient way of contributing to good health through the elimination of toxins from the body. Results actually show improvement in blood circulation, sleep and the easing of muscle and joint pains. And before you start complaining about the Cyprus market not being up-to-date, you’re wrong because I have found trimmendous Detox Foot Patches in a pharmacy. All you do is stick a foot patch on the sole of each foot before bed and leave them on overnight. When you wake up do not be alarmed by the damp brownish-grey colouring. Yes, it’s disgusting, but that indicates the elimination of waste substances from the body. An excellent way to also cleanse the kidneys and bowel”.