New Products

31 August 2009  |  Admin

Just thought we would take the opportunity to let you know of some new products that we have just added to our ever-growing range.

Natural Beauty cosmetics:

Every so often you have to spoil yourself and what better way than with our ultimate in luxurious natural cosmetics, hand produced exclusively in Milan for you to enjoy - Utilising Ass's Milk, a rare and expensive ingredient which is stacked with nutrients and cleansing properties, now.... not just available for the rich and famous... with no toxic chemicals whatsoever in the ingredients.... you can not wish for more to assist in your youthful appearance.


This fluid is like a milk but rich like a cream. It contains ass's milk with its emollients refreshing effect and jaluronic acid with remarkable moisturising properties.  Acts good as an after-sun moisturiser.


A luxurious hand cream composed of silicon organic derivatives, this high quality all purpose cream, protects you from the harmful action of wind, cold and soaps.


A milky cream with vitamin packed nourishing night compound for all skin types. It contains ass's milk, shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin A, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and a series of molecules with elasticising-moisturising activity.


Our best seller so far has been the Natural Crystal Deodorant stick - now we have it in spray format you, neutralising the odour with no use of aluminium (used in normal deodorant) or chemicals, made only from natures own alum crystals, used for 100's of years.


Designed to use in conjunction with the VIP pump which produces the hand wash in a foam mouse format making it ever so economical compared to other products, making this good for the environment. Excellent degreaser to get rid of those stubborn stains, working gently on your hands with PH6.5

More new products in Bamboo and microfibre cloths coming soon......

Later this year we are intending to launch our Direct Sales Teams for VIP and Green Bear product range. This will allow our consultant to come into your home or place of business to demonstrate and sell to you and your friends, giving the hostess a money voucher for a percentage of the sales at the party. More details can be found under reseller/party-planner on the Green Bear website

Anyone interested in becoming a consultant for either product range, then please email us or call us on 0845 193 0009