New Blue Magic Ball with Antibacteria Silver Ions

1 May 2017  |  Admin

Magic is upon us...

We know it has been awhile and we will try to catch up but the product you have been waiting for has finally arrived. We are pleased to put the New Blue Magic Ball with Antibacteria Silver Ions out under the Green Bear UK banner. We love bringing new products to our customers, so trust us, this product is great!

It is so simple it is frightening, but this is a Laundry ball with Silver Ions. But, why is the silver is so important?

The power of Silver

A little bit of science:- Scientists have long known that silver ions, which flow from nanoparticles when oxidized, are deadly to bacteria. Silver nanoparticles are used just about everywhere, including in cosmetics, socks, food containers, detergents, sprays and a wide range of other products to stop the spread of germs.

So there you go then - feeling better? You will once you have used this product. It will make all your clothes feel fresher and the washing machine less of that stale water smell. We are always trying to improve and push the boundaries of high quality natural and Eco-friendly products.

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No more need to put in of that chemical scented softeners, the silver will impregnate the material and neutralise the odour - not rocket science to be fair. The clever bit is how we have got the ball to release enough silver each wash, with no wastage like with other balls so hence you can now get up to 160 washes out of it making it a very eco & cost effective product.

Check out the video and we will be giving more information on the website under the 'Information' tab.