Great Discount Offer on our Bamboo Double Sole Socks

22 August 2017  |  Admin

Green Bear has developed a reputation over the years with our Unique Double Sole Socks and, now you have a chance to either stock up or introduce yourself to our fantastic luxury range.

Bamboo Tree

Bamboo Fibre

Once tried, you will never go back

Bamboo keeps your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer and dry at all times with the capability of wicking away up to 4 times more sweat than cotton - one of the main reasons our Bamboo Sports socks are so popular.

Thee Bamboo fibre is such a wonderful textile with its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties it does wonders for sensitive skin.

Eco-friendly Luxury

Once created into a yarn the bamboo fibre being porous will let your feet breath at the same time wrapping your feet in utter soft luxury that would compete with cashmere.

Open your eyes to the world of bamboo - treat your feet to the luxury they deserve whilst protecting the planet with Eco-friendly products.

Visit our Bamboo Products page and purchase yours today!

Bamboo Trees 2