Eco Village & Marie Claire

4 July 2010  |  Admin


Green Bear is pleased to let you know that we will be at the Eco Village at the 



JULY 16TH - 18TH


In Marquee - stand 86 at main entrance
Ingrid will be there, representing the Dutch side of the company and we are all looking forward to some of you that have threatened to turn up and say hello! This will be the first time we have gone public so to speak and thought of no better way than with the guys at Eco Village.

The EcoVillage, is set up to give Green and Ethical organisations a distinct area to exhibit to huge audiences at big events.  The EcoVillage is highly visible and heavily promoted within each show or event.  Being a part of The Eco Village has enabled exhibitors to engage with a wide range of people, and educate them about their products and services - while also broadening people’s awareness of the importance of building a sustainable future together.

Run by a great team consisting of the core organisers Vicky, Amanda, Pru & Paul who will make you feel welcome, support and help you far more than you would expect from any other organisation and it is growing at a phenomenal rate since 2007



This month we are advertising in Marie Claire & Women & Home which is a sister magazine. We are hoping to get across to another market of customers and to encourage them to try the natural way with Green bear.


We have re established the Free Delivery if you spend £50 or more for the month of July.


check out our new Green Bear loyalty points system - always trying to give value for money