Combining Babysun with our SPF25

11 May 2018  |  Admin

Caribbean Blue SPF25 Mineral Sunscreen (now Baby Friendly!)

Our Caribbean Blue SPF25 regular sunscreen just became baby friendly!!  Now you do not have to buy two separate products, just one gentle formulation for everyone, including the little ones. Just check the ingredients at the bottom of the product page and compare with other 'so-called' organic brands.  The ingredients speak for themselves.


All the Caribbean Blue sunscreens are made with pure zinc oxide.  No nano particles to be found!  This does mean, that they have a slightly more chalky and thick consistency than chemical laden suncreams.  It is really important to apply them correctly by 'layering' the cream and ensuring that they are applied on clean DRY skin.  Please allow the cream to absorb into the skin for at least half an hour before going in water.  The payback is that you will not be putting any harmful chemicals near your skin, and they will help prevent skin rashes and allergic reactions to the sun.


A beautiful even golden tan providing you do not overexpose your skin to the sun in any one day.  Please be extra careful between 11am and 3pm and if you skin has had no sun exposure since last year!