Aleppo Soap Lovers! New Aleppo Liquid Soap Is on the Way

29 May 2017  |  Admin

The long awaited...

Well, it won't be long until the long awaited Aleppo Liquid Soap arrives on the shelves here at Green Bear.

We have decided to add the new Aleppo Liquid Soap to our very own Amity Range of natural products. There needs to be a balance in the production to make sure that the PH level is correct, so that you may get the maximum benefit out of it. With years and years of industry experience, all of us here at Green Bear cannot wait for this product and to sell it to you.

Why liquid you ask? 

Well, not to mention convenience for one but you also get a more concentrated amount of Laurel & Olive Oil with all its therapeutic and antibacterial benefits. A lot of people like to use it as a face mask, because of its moisturising properties for a minute or two. Whether you use it in this way or for just for plain washing, it is still the most natural and gentle soap available as it has been for hundreds of years.

Our thanks to Abdullah, who has persevered to get the consistency & PH levels just right but still holding onto the traditional way. We are excited to bring this to you and look forward to your feedback. Remember, this is the mother of all soaps and is ideal for your hair, body, clothes. This natural earthy unscented soap will be a delight to have in your home, hotel or work place.

How do I get Aleppo Liquid Soap?

It will first be available in a 250ml dispenser, and later we will add the bigger 500ml for commercial use. 

Remember, any trade enquiries for larger containers to decanter are more than welcome - so just contact us for details.

When the Aleppo Liquid Soap is launched, we will be running an introductory offer. So, make sure you keep an close eye on our blog page or Facebook.

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