GBPro 300 UVL High Performance Commercial Fogging Machine - Measured Variable control
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GBPro 300 UVL High Performance Commercial Fogging Machine - Measured Variable controlGBPro 300 UVL High Performance Commercial Fogging Machine - Measured Variable controlGBPro 300 UVL High Performance Commercial Fogging Machine - Measured Variable control

GBPro 300 UVL High Performance Commercial Fogging Machine - Measured Variable control

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  • Lightweight and Portable - originally developed and used for the Medical Industry
  • High performance motor with up to 8 metre range
  • Adjustable droplet size, detailed 6-35 micron for dry fog to mist setting - detailed on dial for stock & flow control offering consistancy when fogging per area.
  • Comes with shoulder strap for ease of use
  • Works with GBPro Antiviral solution that has been proven to successfully eradicate COVID-19.
  • Covers up to 2500m3 area on full tank - Covers all Surfaces - No Training required
  • Quick and simple to use with variable settings from ultra fine droplets (dry fog) to use safely around electrical items to mist settings for industrial areas
  • For businesses that are looking to stay open and compliant for customer and staff safety

* See "Product info" below for more detail on its uses and capabilities


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Product Description

GBPro 300 Ultra Low Volume (UVL) Fogger is a lightweight and portable system that is ideal for both surface and airborne disinfection in offices, Care Homes, class rooms, nurseries, Hospitals, play areas, food preparation areas, canteens, retail premises, restaurants, hotel rooms, domestic properties, cars, vans, boats and more - Professional Fogger designed & developed by the trade & industry for use indoors and outdoors. We chose this machine to compliment our disinfectant for its quality and durability which level of reliability is needed in the industry. Cheaper versions from China and less qualified producers are available but we felt quality more important.........

This makes the fogger more cost effective and is now the new norm as far as disinfecting an area to eradicate Viruses and bacteria

  • Using GBPro Eco fogging disinfectant in our variable controlled machine you will save you 80% in liquid related to the area you're covering and far quicker than conventional cleaning-room
  • standard classroom will take 15 mins approx. removing totally human error - same room would take 3 cleaners 1 hr 20 mins approx. using current conventional methods - meaning less people on site who increase risk of cross contamination
  • Ideal process for Office spaces, Dental & Doctor surgeries, classrooms, nurseries, Gyms, Houses, restaurants, hotel rooms and holiday accommodation, vehicles, equipment and machinery and much more.

The GBPro-300 works by expelling a fine, almost invisible mist into the atmosphere which eventually settles on all surfaces including those impossible to reach by conventional methods. The careful design and shape of the GBPro-300 has resulted in the weight being

evenly distributed making it comfortable to carry over the shoulder with the supplied shoulder strap.

Setting the flow rate control at level 2 will produce a dry fog, suitable for areas such as offices or where textiles or other sensitive materials, merchandise, papers, computers, monitors, phones are exposed, therefore, no need to remove for the area to be decontaminated.

The powerful 1400w 230v electric motor and the ability to adjust particle size from 6 μm up 35 μm, makes this machine unique in this class, and suitable for the application of disinfectants, biocides, allowing you to fog with safety and economy in mind.

Regular fogging with our approved GBPro Antiviral Surface Disinfectant will help prevent the cross-infection of viruses such as SARS Cov2 (COVID19), Bovine Corona virus, HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Ebola, H1N1 Avian influenza, Influenza, Herpes Simplex, Rotavirus, Rubella and Measles, etc. and decontaminate a room/area allowing people to enter safely.

Manufactured in Turkey were they are renowned for their fogging expertise having used this process for a number of years, far longer than most other countries.

The GBPro 300 is completely waterproof and dust-proof, having a spray range of up to 6-7 metres which enables the user to cover surfaces from a distance without difficulty. The flow can be adjusted accurately by a rotary switch to match with different requirements.

Settings meaning:

  1. 12 ml/min  6 μm
  2. 40 ml/min 12 μm **
  3. 75 ml/min 20μm
  4. 95 ml/min 25μm
  5. 115ml/min 35μm

** [2] Recommended setting for our GBPro Antiviral disinfectant - in simple terms 1 & 2 are very fine minute fog style droplets that cover the area better but will be safe around electrical equipment, paperwork, materials, etc., known as a dry fog. The following settings increase the droplet size accordingly ending at 6 for a wetter fog covering. This will be fine for warehouses, industrial, outside areas, etc. if required.

The difference between 1 & 2 on the dial is as 1 is far finer, it would take longer to cover an area - "2" our recommended setting is the optimum for coverage, time taken and most cost effective with maximising the decontamination of that area.

UVL Cold Fogger Benefits:

Use less fogging liquid

Ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, as the name suggests, use a low amount of fogging liquid. This results in a lower cost of application. A ULV fogger uses air pressure to atomize the fogging solution into very small particles.

Cold foggers also use electricity or battery.

• cheaper to use

• It won’t produce any hard-to-clean oily residues.

• Low fire risk and virtually no burn risk to operators.

• ULV foggers are practically odourless on most occasions. This makes them much more pleasant to use, especially indoors. Can use water- or oil-based solutions

Cold foggers produce an almost invisible cloud of fog. This won’t cause any hazards, so you can use this type of fogger in cities and other crowded places for disinfection or sanitisation purposes


Electric ULV foggers are generally quieter than thermal foggers, which is useful in enclosed areas where noise may be an issue.

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