Eco Microfibre Car Wash Glove
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Eco Microfibre Car Wash Glove

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These Microfibre Car Cleaning Gloves are designed for multi surface cleaning on all external and internal surfaces including the bodywork, windows, dashboard, paintwork and upholstery on cars, boats, motorbikes, caravans, etc. They stay in top condition longer than cheaper alternatives..... Fast and Easy to use - just add a little water

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When used dry in the role of an anti-static duster, they naturally attract dust. By using the microfiber glove in the interior of the vehicle, dust and the use of other cleaning products can be reduced entirely, making it cost effective and helping the environment but most importantly, making life easier for you....

The modern & natural way to clean:

Microfibre design (graphic images)

The Green Bear wonder Car Cleaning Glove with its ultra fine fibres effortlessly attract, hold and lift dirt, dust and grease from any surface without smearing, a major plus when using on glass or reflective surfaces. Our Glove is designed with a stitched grip section for your fingers to stop the glove sliding off your hands as others will do - it will absorb moisture up to 7 times its weight. You can wash our glove over 400 times at 90c..... but you do not need to, because of the quality of our Green Bear microfibre, washing at 40c is suffiecient for normal soiled glove, therefore, saving more of the carbon footprint - makes sense!

There are many cheap versions but you any get what you pay for these days and Green Bear are of the highest quality allowing you to wash the cloth in the washing machine with ease. Most cheap versions do not have the same absorbtion factor and after a few washes, loose shape & loose their cleaning ability.

The special Micro Fibre is so effective that no chemical cleaners are necessary and grease, brake carbon or oil can be removed with just a little water or using any of our natural cleaning products. The two combined give you the ultimate in cleaning ability.... leaving your car, van, etc., sparkling clean.... so much easier than buckets of water with chemicals, those day are now a thing of the past.

Use on all hard surfaces

  • glass/windows
  • Fibreglass
  • worktops
  • vinyl
  • chrome
  • mirrors
  • car dashboards & windscreens - to name but a few.

Our multi surface degreaser will compliment this product for those ever-so stubborn stains or dirt keeping you 100% natural. The natural soapstone is also ideal for the alloy wheels.

For more information on Microfibres and graphics go to "product info"

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