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Managing Director, Penny Vergeest, founded the NZ Skincare Company in 1998. During her training as an aesthetician, Penny began researching the beneficial properties of natural extracts and minerals and their effect on the body and skin, inspiring the formulation of the geoskincare range.


Healthy Products:

The Geoskincare range is formulated for simplicity and provides effective solutions to help you nurture and care for your skin.  Simple uncomplicated products help to provide daily protection and promote strong, healthy skin.

Healthy Ingredients:

organic ingredients and resources found throughout New Zealand’s beautiful landscape and culture have inspired geoskincare to create natural skincare solutions of exceptional quality and purity.
All geoskincare products are certified organic. Geoskincare are proud to announce that they have recently changed their certification to BioGro – New Zealand’s leading organic certifier.

BioGro is 100% focussed on organics and has been at the forefront of commercial organics in New Zealand since it was founded over 28 years ago.  BioGro continues to be led by its original philosophical roots with Organic Standards that support its founding organic principles.

"At geoskincare we are dedicated to helping consumers understand which ingredients should be in skin and body care products, and which ingredients should not!
We believe there is no room in this industry for ingredients that are toxic and are committed to producing skin and body care products which are healthy, not harmful.”

Ingredients we choose:

Why it creates balance for your skin, body & hair

  • natural geothermal silica
  • natural minerals
  • organic manuka honey
  • pure essential oils
  • organic ingredients

Healthy Philosophy:

Our skin reflects the general health of our body, making it important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. as we endure environmental, emotional & physical stress on a daily basis, the effect on our skin and body becomes obvious.

Stress contributes to nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, premature ageing, poor health and a compromised quality of life.

Just a few small changes in our daily routine can make a significant difference to our overall health and well-being.

Simple choices and education play a vital part in achieving a healthy, balanced lifestyle. essential minerals and vitamins, found in natural plants, food and extracts are the foundation of good health and help to sustain our bodies. our philosophy for health and wellness goes beyond skincare products. we believe that true beauty is the sum of many parts and we are committed to encouraging and supporting your desire for a healthier, stronger body and skin.

Healthy Promises:

  • * all geoskincare products are certified organic and comply with BioGro 5324
  • * products all contain certified organic ingredients
  • * geo chooses ingredients harvested from sustainable sources
  • * all packaging is recyclable
  • * geo are against animal testing
  • * they are committed to sustainable business practices