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Green Bear Laboratories - Detox products

Our Laboratories that produce the Green Bear trimmendous detox range was founded on January 1st of 1988 by Fokke Haanstra and started as developer and producer of encapsulated food supplements.


In a short time they developed into being a key player in the production of high quality encapsulated and liquid health care products in the Benelux. Over the past 15 years they have strived to meet the requirements of our particular needs.
The Lab is based in the Netherlands, ideally placed for Groene Beer & Green Bear UK and is now one of the leading laboratories in natural product development and production. To meet with the latest hygiene demands and guidelines they moved to their current location.

This facility is built according to GMP architecture and guidelines. They have state of the art laboratories and production facilities to Pharmacy standards and guide lines. They work under cleanroom conditions (Sealed area within the building) and are using the best machines available (e.g. Lödige professional mixers, Bosch encapsulators and Müller logistics).

Operating in a new factory with 1400m2 validated clean room in compliance with EU GMP classification A & D.  We respond pro-actively to our clients concerning new developments and market trends and in the process along with the labs expertise, developing a new product line.

In addition to all the quality checks according to our quality management system (HACCP certified*) we conduct specific procedures to guarantee batch conformity with product specifications. This includes an analysis of the blend for validation on homogeneity. We do this in close cooperation with an external leading Nuclear Reactor Institute.

* One of the seven world wide accredited food safety control systems (GFSI).

Our laboratory is HACCP certified referring to development and production of food supplements, including:
  • Product development
  • Selection of raw materials
  • Purchasing and importing of raw materials
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • The (final) checks

This HACCP quality system is compliant with the General Food Law (GFL 178/2002 EG) and the Regulation (852/2004 EG) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April on the hygiene of foodstuffs.

Vitamin supplement trial 2008

The University of Wageningen and UNICEF are conducting, since October 2007, a clinical trial in which they try to enhance the immunity of young children to reduce the frequency and severity of malaria attacks


  • In close cooperation with the University of Wageningen, the principal investigator, our contracted Laboratory has developed and manufactured four products, including a placebo
  • At this moment already 350 children are treated on a daily basis. The clinical trial will last 1½ years, it is due to have the results by 2009


Non Chemical, Non Toxic, 100% natural Cleaning products

Our second laboratory manufacturing capabilities are 40,000 litres per day utilising 3 mix kettles of 10m3. Green Bear are currently running four lines with one in construction and 2 more being developed. We are registered as a STER laboratory and have all the certification (below) that entails allowing us to produce to the highest quality. We are a totally independent financed Laboratory with no bank or outside finance.

We are renowned in developing, manufacturing and packaging products from their conception, not only for the consumer, hospitals, etc., but also for the industry where bespoke products are required. This setup creates total confidence in our products to the customer. Our team, consisting of 12 people are classed as one of the best in Europe in this field.


Vcaps® capsules used by Green Bear’s trimmendous ranges are two-piece capsules made from cellulosic raw materials that satisfy vegetarian and cultural needs. These vegetable capsules are an attractive, all natural dosage form that retain all the advantages of standard two-piece capsules:

  •     easy to swallow,
  •     effectively mask taste and odour,
  •     allow product visibility


Vcaps capsules are also starch-free, gluten-free and preservative-free, and meet the strict dietary needs of customers that choose a vegetarian lifestyle. The capsules retain many of the advantages of gelatine capsules. They are also kosher and halal certified.


As with all Green Bear products in this range, you can be assured of the highest quality product. Vcaps vegetable capsules are manufactured in a GMP facility that meets ISO 9000 certification criteria.


Certificates & Quality Environmental Control

Our products at Green bear satisfy strict quality control requirement and are exhaustively checked. We have made this effort to allow you the customer complete versatility in all areas at home or in business but most of all, to give our customers confidence. All our cleaning products developed by us are able to be used in the foods industry complying with the HACCP, MSDS & ISO qualities and standards. Our industrial products have a number of certificates which guarantee safety and satisfy those environment demands. With our two laboratories now being of the highest standard, achieving these certificates for the customers peace of mind has been worth the work and effort.

Below is a summary overview of the relevant certificates for your future reference and an understanding of their meaning:

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management system
ISO is an International Certificate of Standardisation for the qualities management system used and accepted through more than 3.5 million organisations in 161 countries. This certificate can help people understand that the products have met the high quality standard that is consistent and satisfy the requirement that is recognisable world-wide.

Our industrial cleanings products have been produced under ISO 9001 certified conditions and can be used in areas that the ISO 9001 standards are required within industry.

ISO 14001 Environmental care system
An international accepted standard in which describes a good environment care system. It is a balance between the preservation of the environment and putting back to counter the damage made within the environment. Organisations and Companies that have an ISO 14001 standard are producing with the protection of the environment in mind, reducing the pollution which in turn improves the environment we live in.

Our industrial cleanings products are produced under ISO 14001 certified conditions and can be used in areas that the ISO 14001 standards are required within industry.

These qualities standard is an abbreviation for Good Manufacturing Practise (Good manner of produce) and is used  in the food, pharmaceutical and health industry. This Quality system has been issued on the hygiene levels during the production process. GMP's help assure quality supplement products through a variety of best practises, to ensure quality.
  • Raw materials quality assurance
  • Standards for cleanliness and safety
  • Qualifications of manufacturing personnel
  • In-house testing • Production and process controls
  • Record-keeping of substances throughout the manufacturing process

As Part of our GPM program our laboratories must comply with the recognised standards in their overall programs and execution related to their grounds, building and equipment, receiving, storage, plant sanitation and processing. Company procedures and records are also reviewed for the presence of viable, complementary safety programs, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems, quality assurance programs.

Our industrial and consumer cleanings products have been produced under GMP certified conditions and can be used in areas that the GMP qualities standard is required

This certificate is an abbreviation for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and is the main platform for international legislation and good manufacturing practises for all sectors or the food industry. HACCP also forms a key component with many certified compliance standards and is recognised as a main element for international trade in food products. HACCP certified products can be used safely in food preparation areas, production processes and trading. Our industrial cleanings products have been produced under HACCP certified qualities standards.

EKO - Skal International

SKAL International is the inspector on the biological production and is the leading organic logo in the Netherlands. SKAL certified products can be used safely in the bio industry. Skal, the leading certifier, is active throughout Europe with this logo used on products across several markets EKO organic logo is issued by Skal International.
The criteria is:

  1. At least 95% of the product's ingredients comes from inspected, organic farming in compliance with Regulation (EEC) No. 2092/91 for organic production methods.
  2. Skal International Standards expressly exclude radioactive irradiation and materials from genetic technology (GMO) processes.
  3. A product only receives the EKO quality symbol when it satisfies both the Regulation and Skal Internationals Standards.

Our Green Bear cleaning products have been produced under SKAL certified conditions

UL - Underwriters Laboratories®
Is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for safety for more than a century. UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems annually with 21 billion UL Marks appearing on 72,000 manufacturers' products each year. UL's worldwide family of companies and network of service providers includes 62 laboratory, testing and certification facilities. UL does not “approve” products. Rather it evaluates products, components, materials and systems for compliance to specific requirements,

CE - Communate Europpene
CE is the abbreviation of French "Communate Europpene", which means European Communities. Afterward, the European Communities developed into the European Union (EU for short).

CE Mark indicates the product meets the basic requirements of the European health, safety, and environmental agencies. "CE-mark" is also a safety mark, which is symbolized as a passport to entering the European market for manufacturers. All products issued with the “CE-mark” can be circulated in each member country of the EU without the necessity to meet the requirements of each member country respectively, thus it can realize the free trade throughout the EU member countries.

FDA - The United States "Food and Drug Administration"
Is the government agency responsible for regulating food and medical treatments in the United States. One aspect of its jurisdiction over food is regulation of the content of health claims on food labels. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA or USFDA) is an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is responsible for regulating and supervising the safety of foods, dietary supplements, drugs, vaccines, biological medical products, blood products, medical devices, radiation-emitting devices, veterinary products, and cosmetics.

The recognised image for products that have not been tested on live animals