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Microfibre cloths

Most people find it hard to understand how a piece of cloth that’s used with water alone could possibly clean, especially with a multitude of stains, grease dirt, etc. you find in the kitchen, bathroom and around the home or business. With the green bear high quality eco microfibre cloths, just add a little water, just so the cloth is damp and gently rub over the offending surfaces.... yes gently, let the microfibre do the work. It will lift off the grease, etc., rather than smear it around as normal cloths do and to add to all this, its efficiency will remove 98% of all bacteria. great for all surfaces including windows and paintwork. Just think, "no smears" with no effort.... you will wonder why it took you so long to discover this..... Our Eco cloth is the future in cleaning and through Green Bear, a far better future to live in. The lack of chemical use and the small amount of water needed helps our environment and through this gives us, as individuals at home and businesses, the opportunity to make a difference. Of course it will also save you money and effort and in these difficult economic times...... thats not such a bad idea. For more details on microfibre cloths go to "product info"

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Page 1 of 1:    11 Items
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